3 Factors Consumers Forget To Consider When Choosing Duplication Services

In the business as well as entertainment world, duplication services play a significant role in the reproduction of materials, especially for distribution purposes. Hence, whether it's duplicating DVDs to hand out at a business meeting or seminar or music CDs to hand out as demos or sample at music concerts, etc. A reliable duplication services provider is essential.

Unfortunately, when looking for a suitable contractor, most people only consider the total price of the services and whether the contractor offers a discount on bulk duplication. However, in most cases, the price and a favourable discount have minimal significance on the quality as well as the reliability of the duplication services.

Hence, here are three factors you should consider.

Output capacity of the contractor

Quite often people utilise duplication services when they require bulk replications. However, sometimes the order gets placed spontaneously without a heads up which means that the finished duplicates may get needed to within a given timeline.

Irrespective of a favourable price on the bulk duplication, if the contractor's output capacity is not sufficient the order will get delayed. Hence, when choosing a duplication services contractor, it is essential to inquire and ensure if and that they can meet your deadline.

Scheduled orders before yours

Duplication service companies operate on a first come first serve basis, with few exemptions that often cost substantially extra. Thus, even if the duplication service provider has a favourable output capacity Chances are, your order will get placed in a queue behind the pending orders.

If the orders placed before yours are bulky and time-consuming, your order may not get completed before its due date. Thus when placing the order, make a point to inquire about the pending orders before yours regarding how long they will take to get completed.

If the orders will affect your deadline, it is advisable to look for another duplication service. Else, you may have to pay extra for your order to get pushed to the front of the line. 

Additional services

When looking for duplication services, it is also essential to ask about the extra services they provide.

In some instances, you may require video editing, CD/DVD printing, Photoshop adjustments, etc. If a duplication services provider offers such additional services, it could save you the time and money to procure the services elsewhere.

Additional services to look for include, packing the duplicated disks in to custom CD/DVD covers as well as delivery services when the order gets completed. If the service provider offers delivery and packaging for free, the better.