Bottle-less Filtered Water Coolers: Advantages Beyond Cool Hydration

With the current economic conditions around the world, businesses and households are looking for various ways to minimise costs. Additionally, eco-friendly campaigns have brought into perspective the need to mind the environment in various ways.

Filtered water coolers are one of the most used office and household clean water devices that not only provide a refreshing drinking water but are also beneficial to our health, finances and the environment.

Below are the main advantages of having a filtered water cooler in your home or office.

•    Eliminate the additional costs involved with bottled water

The primary reason individuals buy bottled water is to ensure that they have clean, bacteria-, fungus- and impurity-free drinking water.  In most cases, tap water is available but not recommended for drinking due to the presence of impurities. As a result, homeowners and business owners are forced to buy bottled water and pay for its delivery while there is running tap water, thus incurring double water costs.

However, filtered water coolers can provide the same water filtration used in bottled drinking water on a much smaller scale. Hence, instead of buying bottled water, you can connect the filtered water cooler to the main water supply to get clean drinking water.

•    Indirectly contribute to environmental cleanliness

Water bottles often get disposed of in numerous ways such as burning them because they are not bio-degradable. As a result of the burning, the bottles release gasses that are harmful to the respiratory systems of human and animals as well as the earth's O-zone layer.

Additionally, vehicles deliver the bottled water to numerous establishments. Normally, most businesses receive bottled water at least once every day. In a year, the total accumulative carbon emission from vehicles delivering bottled water substantially contributes to a country's carbon footprint.

With bottles filtered water coolers, you eliminate the need for bottles because they can be fed directly from the main water supply. This will reduce the number of bottles that get burned every year after they are rendered useless as well as reduce the carbon emission from vehicles delivering bottled water.

•    Better tasting drinking water

Most people often think that the scent and taste of bottled water is as a result of the purifying chemical used to kill bacteria. As much as this is true, some of the taste is as a result of the plastic containers leaching chemicals into the water.

When plastics are exposed to ultraviolet light for extended periods of time, a chemical reaction occurs which releases chemical gases. Bottled water gets transported in re-used plastic containers, usually getting exposed to sunlight. As a result, the above reaction takes place and the chemicals leach into the drinking water, giving some bottled water a strange smell and taste.

With a bottle-less filtered water cooler, the water is derived from the main water pipes that are not exposed to UV rays so no chemical leaching takes place. As a result, the water tastes better, is chemical free and doesn't have a weird scent.