How to Choose the Right Car Service for Business Travel

If you travel quite a bit on business, or often host business associates from out of town, you may want to consider hiring a car service; if you just need to get yourself or your clients back and forth from the airport to a hotel, renting a car can be a waste of money. Note a few tips on choosing the best car service for business so you know which type would be right for you.

Bus or van

A bus may be good for very large groups of travellers, but note that a "party bus" may be meant for actual parties; this doesn't typically refer to a large party of people! A party bus may have a disco ball, fully stocked bar, and even a pole in the centre of the bus for dancing. This may not be the right choice for business travellers, and you may be paying extra for features that aren't needed when only travelling back and forth from the airport. For business travellers, look for a "tour" bus or van instead; this type of vehicle will offer comfortable seating and space for luggage, with a more subdued interior that is better suited for business travel.

Limousines versus an SUV

If you need to provide a comfortable vehicle for several people but don't need a bus or van, you may want to choose between a limousine and an SUV. A limousine will usually offer a bar, television, and other luxury items, whereas an SUV may be very comfortable inside but not offer those luxury amenities. However, an SUV will typically include more room for storage, so if you or your business associates travel with product samples or prototypes, the SUV can be the better option.

Taxi services

Taxi services that are designed for business travellers can be a very good and yet economical choice; taxi services that work from airports will be usually be familiar with the fastest routes to nearby hotels and large businesses that often host guests from out of town. A taxi service can also be a good choice when you need a last-minute car and don't have time to make reservations.

Many taxi services also offer vans for larger groups and even child seats for those travelling with their families, something not often provided in limousines and other such vehicles. Taxis may also be the most affordable option; some even offer clubs or frequent traveller discounts, so if you use the same company in different cities or for repeated visitors, this can reduce your travel expenditures. For more information, contact companies like United Taxis.